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"Working with Melvin at the same gym I had noticed he always had the most consistent cliental... because of results!! As usual I would give him the big talk - I can handle your session easy peasy! He said "give me 5minutes" (Im thinking what can he really do in 5minutes) ... This guy killed me... IN FIVE MINUTES! Melvin really takes you under his wing and keeps his word and with him your fitness goals will be complete. He brings different levels to the table and you will be very much impressed! My tip is to get him angry... it will only benefit you!! "

Kay (Panama)

"Melvin is a fantastic instructor his spin classes are unique, and a fun way to workout. He ensures that you are working to the best of ability. Going to his spin classes has pushed me out of my comfort zone. With his help I am now working alot harder, than I ever thought I could. Overall he is one of the best spin instructors I have come across"


 I first came across Melvin when I first joined Virgin gyms. Straight away I knew he was different to the other spin classes. I loved so much and never missed in my previous gym. The music, the passion, the energy, what more could anyone want! His classes are individualistic, you get to know what Melvin is about through his music, his dedication and above all his humility. His classes are always challenging but isn't that why we go to the gym for? I recently mustered up enough courage to ask if Melvin did PTs and my my have I seen and felt the results. I've only had my second class with him but can see the difference in my body, my endurance slightly and definitely have felt the pain. Good pain though. I can't recommend Melvin's spin and PTs enough, he challenges you mentally as well as physically, making you a more stronger version of yourself at whatever level you are currently at. If you manage to get a slot in with this Reebok ambassador, definitely go for it and don't take the session for granted, bring all that you can bring to the session whether Spin or Pt.


Vanessa Li

 I have been working with Melvin as my P. T and also attend his Spin classes for a few months, within this time I have noticed drastic changes to my shape and overall fitness. Melvin has a "Believe in yourself" attitude who takes his training very seriously. He has a wide knowledge about fitness and is willing to provide anyone in his duty of care with the information that is needed. His positive outlook and unique training is intense, fun but at the same time challenges you to work outside your comfort zone to reach your goals and targets but.... BE PREPARED TO WORK HARD!!



Melvinator has this innocent look before class, and you think OK, this is going to be a good class. The lights get cut, the music begins, and out comes the beast! His strength, motivation and determination is some of the reasons you want to come back each week, and it gives you more confidence to become stronger and powerful especially when you have goals you want to achieve! Try his class, there is no way you will regret it!



"No matter who you are or what gender you are, if you want results, the MELchine is the person to see.
From hardcore sweats to just a workout Melvin caters for all your needs. I trained with melvin for a couple of months and my results were outstanding. You have to work otherwise your going home! And he don't care to send you home neither because he is super busy. Try his spin class it will blow your socks off!"



"I’ve been training with Melvin for a few months now and I’ve definitely seen positive changes to my shape, strength and general endurance levels. Melvin’s approach is definitely unique, he's passionate about his work and it shows. His enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief. He motivates me to push past my limits to get results, which is exactly what I want from my PT. Melvin makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun!! As for his spin classes I have only one thing to say: BRUTAL!!! So if you’re ready to work hard and get results then Melvin’s your man!"



"Melvin is truly a dedicated personal trainer and has helped me achieve my goals. He has many very satisfied members and clients who have reached their goals.I have known other personal trainers at the gym and other gyms and also tried personal training in the past, and was not happy. I was a bit skeptical however from the moment I met Melvin I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals; also the one who could change my life for better by becoming more healthier. I have been challenged and pushed in Melvin's spin classes which are very intense. He has taught me a great deal and has inspired me to reach my new goals.I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge and his ability to connect with his clients.
With Melvin's help I have managed to loose a total of 47lbs in 3-4 months"



"Having attended a lot of spin classes before, I can say Melvin is the best teacher and trainer I have ever had. During the class he is able to approach everybody individually and he knows how to challenge and push us to the limit. His spontaneous and beast personality makes workouts fun and his movement music selection makes people forget about the pain they go through and enjoy every minute. He is always there for everybody and always ready to share his fitness knowledge. Highly recommended!"